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The 6th annual Czech-Polish Conference "Railway Systems of the 3rd Millennium", 3 - 5 February 2016, Ustroń near Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Lynxrail participated in the 6th annual Czech-Polish Conference "Railway Systems of the 3rd Millennium" on 3-5 February 2016 in Ustroń near Bielsko-Biala, Poland. 

The aim of the 6th year’s conference is to highlight the problem of rail safety, safety at railway crossings and in international transport.

Thematic sections of the conference:

  • Safety requirements faced by infrastructure managers, owners of railway vehicles, sidings
  • Accidents due to poor technical condition of vehicles and equipment, drivers fatigue – working hours
  • Security of data sent in IT systems
  • Security, which is a consequence of using/ not using of wireless security devices
  • Safety of goods during railway transportation
  • Safety approvals, safety management systems for infrastructure, sidings and depots
  • Statistical data on railway accidents and railway crossings accidents
  • Interoperability – Legislation, relevance, validity, scope
  • The EU Directive on Security
  • Legislation – current law and what to get ready for in the near future
  • TSI TAF – Technical specifications for interoperability applicable to the subsystem of telematics applications for freight transport
  • Selected issues related to the trade arrangements concerning the rolling stock and signalling equipment
  • Logistics problems in the shipping of goods across borders
  • Whitebook – European and Polish transport policy
  • The fee for the use of infrastructure – high rates
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